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DE & CO.


DE & CO. was founded in 2009, already in those years the vision was to create one of the professional training appointments for medium-high level baristas.

The goal is that through the experience gained over the years in more than 20 years of work to give a tangible job opportunity based on a very high level training.

Dennis and his team are not only trained in the world of mixed drinking, but also on communication, on the teaching system and on the strategies of how to achieve top-level objectives.
Over the years, Dennis has managed to train more than 20,000 people around the world and many of them are now in charge of the most famous and refurbished hotels, cocktail bars and hospitality facilities in the world.
DE Co. has grown since 2009 by experimenting and learning other different arts, diversifying its business to take training to an even higher and more complete level.

Today DE & CO. led by Dennis Zoppi is pleased to share a new and exciting appointment called


This new full-immersion encounter is the most exciting and innovative ever, I can guarantee it.

Those who already know me know that my masteries have a great value that focuses on a very specific topic.


It comes inside you, awakening your dormant skills and letting you regain control of your professional life, with you, your partners, your co-workers and your employees.

No matter what professional level you are now HOSPITALITY MASTERY will give you the drive and the momentum to achieve all the goals you want.

Why settle for a normal life dedicated to survival and in many ways abstinence when you can live a career and an extraordinary life.

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